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We’re an open and collaborative community

We firmly believe in working together as a way of positively impacting people’s lives and communities more in general. We’re proud to be part of the wider 42 family, knowing that we are doing good things together.

Taking action together, collaboratively and synergistically, is key to changing the world we live in, having a positive impact locally, nationally, and globally.


By incorporating the latest trends in the job market, we create virtuous partnerships with all sorts of players and stakeholders to develop programs, training, recruitment and career opportunities.

We’re always on the hunt for win-win opportunities and cherish finding how we can mutually benefit and help each other. We want to build the future together, knowing that we’re in a digital world and that apprehending how to learn, getting to know yourself, is key to success.

42 Rome Luiss Overview

The 42 extended family



42 Rome Luiss creates partnerships with companies for diversity-focused recruitment programs, student stipends and for supporting living expenses, student and intern recruitment, and professional development for employees. Some companies have asked for their entire software engineer department to be trained in Artificial Intelligence; others have trained their legal department in how to code in order to become more efficient and gain skills fundamental to the digital world.


As a non-profit company, we like to partner with other non-profits whose mission and work align with what we’re doing. As coding, thinking about workforce development, education, the future of the economy and workplace, we want to collaborate with key players to build the future.

Coding organizations

Because of our nature, we partner with coding organizations such as Women Who Code or the Hidden Genius Project, so that together we can train more people who love coding. Many organizations focus on younger ages or lower level curriculum, in order to help all people that want to pursue coding as a career.

Higher education

42 works with various higher education institutions dealing with innovation, entrepreneurship, and training good coders. Having a so diverse population, we love when students from different backgrounds produce creative solutions leveraging on problem-solving and diversity of thought.

Startup, incubators, and accelerators

To be successful, startups need ideas, creativity and, above all, engineers. Incubators and accelerators need projects and companies. 42 students tend to be truly entrepreneurial and some either create their own products/companies or try to join a startup. It’s a great move in so many ways…


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