No classes!

The gamification

At 42 Rome Luiss, there are not traditional classes, as we give students several projects to work on in accordance with the principles of videogames. Thanks to a challenging context, you will acquire more experience in connection with the professional skills to be developped.

You are therefore largely in control of your studies and you can focus on the aspects and themes of the projects that you prefer. You will study at your own pace and will be motivated by the many challenges you will face with the help of other students.

Peer-to-peer, no chain of command!

Peer learning

At 42 Rome Luiss, you are not only in control of your own learning and your own success, but also of your classmates’.
You will be encouraged to challenge your mindset and ideas, ask questions, rethink the way you think about business with your peers; just as it works among team members in the professional workplace.

You will be both a trainer and a learner and, thanks to this collective intelligence, you will translate your strengths into numbers; an unprecedented asset for learning!

No grades!

The grading system

At 42 Rome Luiss you will not collect report cards. As the progression of the program is inspired by videogames, each “level” reached (at your own pace) allows you to simply unlock the next project.
At the end of each step, the work you have done will be evaluated by your peers and, conversely, you will have to evaluate the work of your classmates.

It will be a unique opportunity to discuss with other students your reasoning and the path you followed to achieve your goals.
This step will then allow you to progress further and continue to acquire new competences with the next project.

At your own pace!

A flexible program

The program takes approximately 3 years, including internships. However, since the school is accessible 24 hours a day (including weekends and holidays), you can work on your projects whenever you want and so progress more or less quickly.

There, you can study at your own pace. Each project has an estimated timeline but, except for particular projects, you can take more or less time to complete it as you wish.

However, you will not be stuck by the progress of other students, on the contrary, you can always count on their help.

This time management will allow you to juggle your life’s commitments… If for a particular circumstance you have to put your training on “pause”, you will find your projects where you left them when you will be ready to get back on track.