Training is completely free of charge and there are no tuition fees! 42 is open to all aging 18 and above, without discriminatory criteria. 

There are no hidden costs; the school aims to mitigate the IT workforce shortage, and the campus’ primary objective is training the next generation of talents. 

42’s training is available to all from the age of 18, even without a diploma. There are no prerequisites besides knowing how to use a mouse and keyboard!

You will have to pass these steps to confirm your admission to 42 Rome Luiss:

  • pass 2 logical tests online;
  • attend an introductory meeting, where you will be presented with the 42’s philosophy;
  • successfully complete the Piscine stage, a deep dive into computer science based on peer learning.

The training generally lasts 3 years. However, it will depend on your pace; you can opt for a full-time training or combine it with part-time work.

42 Rome Luiss adopts a teaching method based on peer-to-peer learning. The entire learning process is based on practice and projects to be carried out. To progress, you cannot only rely on yourself but also on the strength of the group. You must be ready to both give and take: you are both a trainer and an apprentice!

42 Rome Luiss is based on peer-to-peer learning and collaborative teamwork; these elements are at the very heart of the pedagogical approach and 42’s philosophy, making remote learning not possible.

Sure, courses are available both in English and in French.

42 Rome Luiss does not offer tailor-made courses; it is therefore mandatory to follow the full program.

42’s path is a full-time training, but it can be combined with a part-time job. However, the path could become very difficult with a full-time job. Therefore, we recommend that training should be conducted with a part-time workload.

The Piscine is an intensive 4-week computer immersion program of 28 intensive days, 7 days a week, which aims to select those who have the potential to develop the creativity, active collaboration and empathy necessary for this type of training, focused on peer-to-peer learning, projects and gamification.

The Piscine is a unique chance to discover 42’s philosophy and its way of thinking about programming. Every day, for 4 weeks and even on weekends, there will be tasks or projects to perform, while you will have the opportunity to get to know the other candidates.

The Piscine will decide on your final admission to 42 Rome Luiss. This step identifies the most motivated students and those with a true passion for IT development. Admission is based on both test results and profile compatibility  with out philosophy and approach.

No, it is not possible to transfer your data from one campus to another, exempting you from the Piscine stage.

Yes, you can try the Piscine test again; however, you must await a 2-year time before you can try it again.

Yes, you can retake the logical tests for the next cohort. You can only do the logical tests once per cohort and there is one cohort per year.

Yes, each student will have access to a computer.

Yes, but it is up to you to obtain the necessary legal documents to live in Italy for the training afterwards.

No, because the curriculum of 42 Rome will not be advanced enough next year for you to join the first cohort of “beginner” level students scheduled for 2020.

For more information on your transfer to other campuses around the world, please do not hesitate to contact the staff at the 42 campus you are currently trained at. They will be able to provide you with information on the various options and procedures to follow.

The campus is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, day, evening, night, weekends, holidays, leap years, etc.

Since it is an alternative training, there won’t be any diploma or degree certificates. Nonetheless, by the end of this training, students will acquire all the fundamental skills to enter the job market. The 42 approach proved its efficacy since its creation in 2013.

In general, 42 does not teach in a specific language, but rather encourages students to develop problem solving skills. We adopt a neutral stance towards languages, technologies and brands.

42 will allow you to become an expert developer and acquire a relevant position in the job market. The complete program also trains for professions like:

  • mobile application developer
  • project manager
  • startup creator
  • systems and network administrator
  • IT security expert
  • video game designer
  • multimedia designer